Objective: A survey was held to establish whether laypeople knew the location of their temporomandibular joint.

Methods: A sample of 61 participants, visiting their dental office for a routine check-up, was given

a three-question survey of whether they knew the location of their temporomandibular joint and

could point to this location.

Results: Thirty-eight participants answered the question affirmatively. Only 13 pointed to the correct

location. Of these, six participants received consultation for TMD in the past, three participants were

healthcare providers, and four participants actually had knowledge of the exact location. Out of 23

participants who did not know the location, one accidently designated the correct position.

Conclusion: The location of the temporomandibular joint is not a well-known site for many patients.

In the presence of orofacial pain, it seems advisable to let the patient designate and record the site

of the pain on a drawing on the patient chart.